What Can Your Print On With A DTG Printer

Picture of a yellow hoodie with a skull and rose on it.

So you are thinking about purchasing a DTG printer, but you want to know that you are going to get your money out of it. After all, DTG printers are expensive. So you need to get as much out of your printer as possible. This means that you need to keep your screen printer printing all the time. We’ve compiled a list of items that you can print on.

Awesome DTG Printed Items

T Shirts: This seems like the most obvious choice. Selling t-shirts is a dtg printer's bread and butter. You will want to look for various suppliers that can offer the blank t-shirts at a good price. Plus, you may want to find a supplier that can deliver the shirts rapidly in case you have an emergency order that needs to be filled quickly. 
Hoodies: My closets are filled with hoodies. They are the perfect option for the fall. When the weather is too cold without yourself being covered up, yet it’s not cold enough for a heavy coat. Hoodies are great. You can print directly on them. They are also good if somebody wants a traditional screen printed shirt as well. Contact high schools and local fire departments to solicit orders. They love them.
Sweatshirts: This goes right along with hoodies. They are comfortable and a great option for cooler weather. Just like hoodies you have the option to use them with a traditional screen printer as wll as a direct to garment printer.
Socks: People have made a lot of money printing on socks. You can print directly onto socks. That makes this one of the craziest  items you can sell. People are always looking for items that display their personality. With a dtg printer you are able to put cats, llamas, tacos, and even flowers right on the socks. Whatever you want. They are bright and colorful. The perfect gift. I mean after all, who wouldn’t want socks with tacos on them?
Canvas: You could print any picture onto a beautiful canvas. People will be able to decorate their home or their office with your prints. You could print family portraits or beautiful skylines. For a fancy application you can glaze the canvas with a glazing agent to make it appear as if the object is brushed. 
Pillowcases: You can create pillowcases for a bed or as a throw pillow. Either way they are fantastic for printing. Be sure that your pillow has cotton in it. 
Bags: There are so many different types of bags. This category could include totes, make up bags, or even purses. You can find many suppliers of totes for printing. 
Hats: Yes you can print on hats. Now it might be a little difficult to do at first, but you will soon get the hang of it. 
Towels: This is a big one. People love special towels for the holidays. If you have some beautiful holiday designs then you want to get them ready. The great thing is that if your design is timeless you will always be able to sell them. 
Face Masks: Covid isn’t going away anytime soon. This is a sad reality, but true. People love to have face masks that express themselves. A lot of people wear masks with political sayings on them. You can develop an entire line of masks based around your own political beliefs or cater to other people's beliefs.
Onesies: Let’s be honest, onesies go through a lot of abuse. People don’t want to spend a lot on onesies because they will probably get thrown away very quickly. However, there are times when a cute onesie comes in handy. Family photos are the perfect time for a funny onesie. They also make great gifts. 
Bandanas: You can make decorative bandanas with a DTG machine. Sell them at fairs and flea markets. Even pets wear festive bandanas so you should have no problem making sales.
Bibs: When you get done making a bunch of baby onesies you can move onto bibs. Create an entire infant line of garments with your awesome designs. Look for suppliers of bibs in the same place that you look for the onesies. Maybe they can give you a discount.
Aprons: Kiss the Chef may be the most well known apron ever sold. Surely you can come up with a better design than that. There are a lot of people who want an apron that truly represents their personality. 
Vests: What we’re referring to is vests for workers. There are plenty of companies that don’t use t-shirts to identify their employees. They are looking for something different, and a vest is the perfect option. You can print their logo on the front or back of the vest. Better yet, print it on both the front and the back of the vest and charge more for it. 
Jackets: People will love the special touch of having something printed on their favorite jacket. You could even go to a thrift store and pick up some jackets and upcycle them. They look cooler than a brand new jacket anyways.
Coasters: You are not required to print only on clothing. You can print on household furnishings. Coasters with a special design are perfect for households. They make great gifts.
Mouse Pads: These are great promotional gifts. Every company creates promotional products for giveaways and employees. This is one of the best ones, because if the mousepad gets used it is always within reach. DTG printers can churn these out with ease.
Flip Flops: People love having their flip flops decorated. Create something special that they have to have and you’ll see your sales rise. 
Makeup Bags: There are so many makeup bags out there that are generic. With a great design you could sell a lot at fairs and festivals. Women will love them.
Flags: This goes along with the mouse pads. It is a good promotional gift. It is something that customers will want for every event that they host. 

People love personalized gifts. When you have the right blanks you can sell dtg printed items to practically everybody. They are such a winner that you won’t be able to keep enough blank items in stock to satisfy everybody. 

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