How to Gain More DTG Printing Customers

DTG Customers


When you are running a business this always seems like the number one issue that everybody struggles with. Businesses thrive on repeat business, but to really grow a business you need to add new customers to the mix. But how? We’re giving give you four ideas to bring in new customers. 

Inspect Your Website

You must have a website these days. It should be the centerpiece of your digital marketing efforts. If you don’t have a website. Get one. Stat. You can try to make one yourself, but if you have difficulty then you will have to pay somebody to build you one. They can get pretty expensive, but you don’t need the fanciest of sites to be successful. 

At a bare minimum your website needs to detail your overall business and your products. It should have contact information as well. Include all of your social media outlets. Include a way to text you. Make sure your customers will be able to communicate with you. 

Your website should have an overview of your business. There is a reason that people put About sections on their websites. They want customers to feel comfortable knowing who they are dealing with. There are so many options for people who want to get shirts printed. They want to use somebody who they trust. The more they know about you, the more likely they are to use your services. 

Make any updates on the site that you need to make. If you can’t make the changes yourself then you need to make a list of items and give it to whoever handles the website. Sometimes websites need updates. Add new images of your products. Show potential customers the quality of your work. Update your services. You may have started offering additional products, if your customers don’t know about them then you are missing out on customers who are looking for them. 

Reach out to your network

These are some of your best prospects. Your network includes family, friends, neighbors, employees, current customers, Facebook followers, trade associations, even the chamber of commerce. You already have a relationship with these people. This is not awkward. It’s time to refresh those connections. Find out what is going on in your community. Find out how their families are doing. The point is to just stay in touch. Let them know how your business is going.

It may have been a while since you posted on social media. It may be time to post some of your work on your platform of choice. Let these people know what is going on in your world as well. They follow you for a reason. They are interested in your business. 

What about your mailing list? When was the last time you sent out an email to the people on your mailing list. Notify your customers about upcoming sales or new products. 

Reviews. Reviews. Reviews.

If you have a section for reviews online then you will want new reviews of your products to come in all the time. More recent reviews are better than older reviews. Reach out to your network and ask them to review their most recent purchases. You can use Google, Facebook, even Yelp. This will directly help your DTG business. People do business with companies that have been well reviewed.

Pay For Advertising

This one will cost you some money. As we previously mentioned, there are a lot of DTG and screen printing companies all over the place. You will want to increase the awareness of your business. You need to check around and view all of the options for online advertising. There are Google ads and social media ads that you can choose from. You can spend as little as $5 on some of the advertisements. You could also consider creating a banner and contacting somebody that works with your current clientele to see if they will run it on their site. Don’t forget to include a link so that all of those customers can find you. 


These are just four ideas for you to gain more customers for your DTG printing business. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to sell them new t-shirts. 

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